WaveShield - Mobile Phone Protection From Radiation

WaveShield – Made in USA, Based on a technology awarded to Dr.Igor Smirnov with US Patent No. 6,369,399B1 for “Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Material & Device”.

WaveShield for your whole family

WAVESHIELD is a modern day scientific device created to address the growing concerns on mobile phone users. It is a small device that you stick to the back of your mobile phone so that you can be protected from the harmful effects of radiation. Mobile phones use are extensive in our lives as we cradle them in our hands, put them in our pockets and use them typically, for many hours in a day.

We make or receive phone calls and may be placing our mobile phone directly in contact with our skins and heads for a long time. Just imagine our exposure to EMR on a daily basis and what this does to our bodies.


WAVESHIELD is highly recommended to all phone users especially to children.

As it has a 2 metre radius coverage, it can also be used in conjunction with exposure to other wifi or electrical devices.

However try to keep within the short distance of 2m to be effective. If you need a wider shield, you may wish to get WAVERIDER™ instead.

2 meters coverage


WaveShield is made of a patented polymer compound of a high dielectric constant.

In the presence of external electromagnetic field, WaveShield emit very low and subtle frequencies of electromagnetic oscillations that resemble those used by living cells in the body.

These oscillations compensate and neutralise the harmful effects of EMR generated by electrical devices while simultaneously providing support for cellular functions in the body.

WaveShield does not reduce the intensity of EMR from your device. It neutralises the negative effects of EMR by modulating ultra low frequencies onto the EMR frequencies rather than reducing the EMR intensitiy.


Net Weight 4g
Weight (with Packaging) 56g
​Elliptical diameter 2.3cm by 1.5cm
Packaging Dimension  11cm  X 7.6cm X 2.8cm
Life Span 3 years upon sticking to an electrical device (Eg. Mobile phone or laptop)
Range of Coverage 2m radius