After being introduced to Mret water following my diagnosis of gall bladder cancer (an exceptionally rare form of cancer with limited research), I decided to give this product a try.

Surprisingly, upon incorporating this water into my routine, I experienced no side effects during my chemotherapy treatments, such as loss of appetite or vomiting.

It’s worth noting that it’s been five years since my surgery and chemotherapy, and I continue to utilize this product regularly.

8th August 2023

In March 2003, I was admitted to Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre Kuala Lumpur for severe abdominal pain. An ultrasound of my abdomen showed a rather large mass (5.1×4.2×3.5cm) in the liver (probably a hemangioma).

Because of this liver mass, I
1) could not eat anything oily (eg. KFC),
2) suffer from severe chest pain and heart burn daily,
3) had severe palpitation every night,
4) suffer from insomnia and “horror” dreams.

I was very depressed as I could not enjoy life like my friends. In July 2008, my aunty introduced me to MRET water. The moment I drank MRET water :

1) my chest pain and heart burn disappeared,
2) I could sleep without palpitation and “horror” dreams,
3) the pores in my face also closed up after few months.

But the most important thing is that I could eat KFC again!

In Jan 2011, I felt all the above symptoms coming back. On checking, I found that the polymer had expired. I immediately called up the distributor and brought my MRET machine in to change the polymer.

I just had no choice because I cannot do without the MRET water.

25th February 2011

In year 2000, I was diagnosed with brain tumor at Hospital Universiti Kebangsaaan (Cheras). I was started on chemotherapy but gave up as I could not stand the side effects. I was then given radiotherapy but could not tolerate it either.

I decided to go for spiritual treatment. Despite this, I have daily headaches and had to resort to taking strong pain killers. Every now and then I would have a severe attack with partial paralysis. My husband would have to take me to hospital.

In July 2007, my husband bought a MRET machine and gave me the MRET water to drink. After one month, all my headache stopped. I no longer had the paralytic fits and stopped all my pain killers.

In July 2009, the MRET expired. I decided to see if I could do without it. But after 2 months, all my headache and paralytic attacks came back. I told my husband to change the MRET polymer immediately. After 2 weeks, all the headache went off. Now I know cannot do without MRET water and I make sure I MRET my own water daily.

13th December 2010

I have been hypertensive for many years. In May 2009, my GP referred me to Nephrology Clinic, Hospital Kuala Lumpur because of my failing kidneys. My creatinine had climbed up to 145 (normal up to 115). My blood pressure also went up to 170/95.

In May 2011, my daughter bought a MRET machine-and I started to drink this water every day.

On 25/06/11, after a month of drinking this water, I went to the hospital for my checkup. The doctor was surprised to find that my creatinine had dropped to 126. My blood pressure also dropped to 130/80.

My husband, who is both diabetic & hypertensive has also benefited drinking MRET water.

4th November 2011

In October 2010, I was diagnosed with nose cancer (Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma) by the E.N.T. Surgeon at Damai Service Hospital. I was referred to the oncologist at Tung Shin Hospital for treatment. I was advised to undergo 35 sessions of Radiotherapy. My sister in law immediately started me on MRET water. I was advised to drink 2 liter a day.

I went through all the radiotherapy sessions with minimal side effects. While most patients started to have sore throat after the 2nd or 3rd treatment. I only started to have sore throat on the 11th treatment. The skin started to split only after the 20th treatment, but the recovery was speedy with MRET water. The nurses and fellow patients remarked that I looked so healthy for a cancer patient.

On 8th December 2010, I went for my last radiotherapy session and was checked by the oncologist, On examining my throat, he asked me what my family was giving me to eat or drink that my throat looked so good. He had never come across such a case.

My son told the doctor that I was drinking a special water but could not explain it. I immediately called my sister in law to tell her the good news. She called her G.P. to explain the technology of MRET to the oncologist.

The darkening of my skin also cleared up immediately after completion of my radiotherapy sessions. the oncologist has just bought a MRET machine himself.

27th December 2010

I was diagnosed with cancer of the tight breast (Stage 2) at Seremban General Hospital in September 2005.

I was operated m November ‘2005 (Mastectomy). After the surgery, my doctor told me it was Stage 3A.

I was advised to have:

1. 6 courses of chemotherapy at Seremban General Hospital, followed by

2. 20 sessions of Radiotherapy at Nilai Cancer Institute

Soon after my surgery, my husband brought home a MRET machine and insisted that i start drinking MRET water immediately.

I started drinking MRET water before my chemotherapy sessions. I was amazed at how I managed to tolerate the chemotherapy While most patients were or severely nauseated, I felt completely normal. In fact, immediately after on Chemotherapy, I would go to the nearest coffee shop and order double “wantan” mee.

I did not suffer from the side-effects of hair loss, loss of appetite or mouth ulcers. In fact, my appetite increased and I started to put on weight. The staff at Seremban Hospital were just amazed at my tolerance to chemotherapy.

After chemotherapy, I underwent the Radiotherapy sessions without any problems either, I did not feel “Heaty” throughout.

Now, 3 1/2 years later, I feel extremely well. I still go for my check-up every 3 months. I spend a lot of my free time making MRET water for my friends and relatives as I want them to benefit too.

11th April 2009

In October 2005, I went into kidney failure as a result of severe hypertension. I was then started on Dialysis 3 times per week.

In December 2005, my sister-in-law introduced me to MRET water. As the specialist told me I could only drink 500mI of water per day, I drank 500ml of MRET water daily. After about one month, I felt less tired and was able to do more household chores.

In March 2006, my condition improved so much that my specialist cut down my dialysis to twice per week. I even started to develop rosy cheeks, something unheard of in dialysis patients. My specialist even suggested I cut my dialysis to once a week but I preferred to stay at twice per week. He also cut down my hypertension medication.

In April 2007, I went to Taiwan for holiday with my friends. There I was recommended to a dialysis center and when I was there the doctors could not believe that I was a dialysis patient as I looked so normal and had rosy cheeks.

Today, I drink about I ,000mIs of MRET water daily (up from 500mls) with the consent of my specialist. I am indeed grateful that my sister-in-law introduced me to MRET water. Friends and relatives are just Amazed how I look today. My life is just like any normal person except that I have to go for dialysis.

Dialysis is a very traumatic experience and having to go only twice a week certainly boosts up my morale and helps me to look at the positive side of life.

19th July 2008

I have been a diabetic for more than 20 years. In May 2006, I went to visit my daughter in New Zealand. I forgot to take my Diabetic medicine with me and accidentally took calcium tablets instead.

After 3 months, my body started to swell. My daughter took me to see a doctor there who discovered that my kidneys were failing and I had water retention in both my heart and lungs. My creatinine level was 450. The doctor there advised me to do dialysis immediately.

I came back to Malaysia in September 2006 and immediately went to checkup at a polyclinic here in Kuala Lumpur. My creatinine level was also 450 and the doctor here too recommended dialysis. I then went to church to pray and met a church member, who recommended MRET water to me.

After one month on MRET water i.e. October 2006, my creatinine level dropped to 410.

After another month i.c. November 2006, my creatinine level dropped further to 370.

In January 2007, I went to Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur for checkup and my creatinine level dropped further to 226. The doctors at Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur told me that I do not need dialysis.

Today, I still feel extremely well and relieved that I do not need dialysis. My creatinine level now is 230.

I now recommend MRET water to all my diabetic friends.

19th July 2008

I have been on hypertension treatment for more than 10 years. In February 2009, my BP readings were high and i was feeling unwell.

On 18/3/09, I went to see my local GP, He did X-Ray, ECG and Blood Profile for me, X-Ray and ECG normal. However the doctor told me I was suffering from Type Il Diabetes. My fasting sugar was 7. Im.mol and HBA1C was 7.3%. Urine protein trace.

He prescribed Glucophage for me and told me to medication immediately. l decided to consult another who suggested I my drinking MRET water.

On 20/3/09, I went to Salus Care Sdn Bhd (the Country Distributor of MRET in Malaysia) and bought myself a MRET machine after the technology.

22/3/09, I telephoned my doctor and told him that I felt really different I was no longer tired, I passed less urine and the urine was clear (not frothy as before).

On 25/3/09, I went to Salus Care Sdn Bhd and had my blood sugar checked after a heavy lunch. To my surprise, my blood sugar was 5.3 m.mo1.

My BP also dropped back to normal. I am glad I fried MRET water first before starting medication as I was told that medication once started was for life.

1st April 2009

As a child, I have been not very healthy. At age 21, I developed severe asthma and sinus and frequent attacks of fever. I saw many medical doctors and sinsehs.

In 2002, I was introduced to a sinseh who gave me some herbal powder which immediately made me feel very good. I continued taking these herbal powder on regular basis. In October 2006, I suddenly felt very tired. I saw a GP who did

some blood test for me. When the results came back, he told me that I had some problem with my blood and kidneys. He referred me to Tung Shin Hospital where further blood test / ultrasound was done. After spending more than RM1,000, I was told that I have blood cancer and kidney problem. The doctor suggested further tests. As I did not have more money to spend, I asked to be referred to HUKM.

In December 2006, I was admitted to HUKM for three weeks. After many tests and investigation including a kidney biopsy, I was told that I was already in kidney failure. My creatinine level was more than 900 and my kidneys were functioning at only 15% (GFR -15).

HUKM doctors started to teach me how to do CAPD (Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis). In early January 2007, I was discharged from HUKM and told to come back for follow up every two months. I felt very depressed at this point and a friend introduced me to Christianity. I soon become a baptised Christian.

In August 2007, through the church I met a friend who introduced me to MRET water. I still remember the first time I drank MRET water, I passed out extremely smelling urine and stools. I also felt very thirsty but the most wonderful thing was that I started to sweat, something I never experienced since I started CAPD.

One month after MRET water, I went to HUKM for my regular checkup. The doctors were surprised at my general condition and my creatinine had dropped 23 points. The swelling of my legs also disappeared.

The HUKM doctors suggested I stop the CAPD and observe. After another month, the creatinine dropped further. In November 2007, the doctors at HUKM removed my CAPD tube and told me to continue with whatever I was doing.

Today, I feel very normal. I do not need to stop my work every six hours to do the CAPD. My last checkup at HUKM was end of June 2008 where my creatinine was 330. My GFR is 19.

I now use MRET water for everything. Whenever my eyes feel itchy or tired, I wash it with MRET water. When I had infection of the skin over my ear lobes, I sprayed MRET water and it cleared up after 2 days.

I am very grateful to my church member who introduced MRET water to me.

21st July 2008

I work as a chef at a leading resort hotel. I went into kidney failure in May 2008 and started dialysis three times per week.

Six month ago, both of my legs became grossly swollen; my stomach became extremely distended due to fluid retention (ascites) and I had difficulty in breathing and sleeping because of fluid in my Iungs. This was despite going regularly for dialysis.

In mid-August 2010, I went to see the specialist at Selayang Hospital to fix a date for kidney transplant as my younger brother to donate a kidney to me. However, the specialist told-me and my wife that l was not suitable for transplant. In view of my deteriorating condition, I was told that I would not live beyond three months.

I was devastated. Every morning when I woke up, I would mark the calendar and ask my wife: “Vani, how?”

On September 2010, my wife told her boss about my condition. Her boss told her that he would give me a miracle water MRET to drink. On September 2010, I started to drink 500cc of MRET water daily.

After one week, my legs swelling went down by 50%. After the second-week, both my legs came down to normal size. My abdomen distension reduced by 70% and I was no longer breathless and could sleep normally. But the most surprising thing was that I started to pass urine 3 to 4 times per day. I also felt more energetic. My dry weight before dialysis dropped from 102kg to 89kg. My blood pressure also dropped from 180/110 to 120/90.

My dialysis center told me that should continue to improve they might reduce my dialysis to only twice a week.

Everyone from my hotel, my relatives and fellow dialysis patients are extremely surprised at my improvement.

This MRET water is really a ‘miracle water’.

11th October 2010













医生规定我每天只能喝500毫升的水,所以我每天都喝500毫升的MRET活化水。 大概喝了1个月后,我感觉比较精神和能做较多的家务。




LOW WAI CHAN,44岁,彭亨州(马来西亚)








YEIK SIEW CHAI (ROCKY),53岁,太平(马来西亚)







HONG WING HUI,51岁,彭亨(马来西亚)



2006年12月,我在国大医院留医长达3个星期。体检显示我已到了肾衰竭的地步。当时我的肌酸酐指数超过900而我的肾功能只有15%(GFR-15)。医生开始教我做连续携带式腹膜透析-CAPD(Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis)。2007年1月,我终于可以出院了,但是我必须每两个星期到医院做体检。我变得很沮喪所以皈依了基督教。






JIMMY YAP,60岁,吉隆坡(马来西亚)

我的母亲,CHE YAH BTE ADAM患上了帕金森氏病和骨质疏松症超过10年了。2005年8月,她因为得了严重的肺炎而被送入怡保中央医院医治。留院医治3个星期后,她会获准出元旦是她的身体变得很虚弱和时常呼吸困难。




CHE YAH BTE ADAM,72岁,怡保(马来西亚)