WaveRider - EMF Protection For Your Home and Office

WaveRider – Based on a technology awarded to Dr.Igor Smirnov in 2011, the USPTO Patent No. 8,044,376 for “Devices & methods for protection against exposure to electromagnetic radiation”

Protects Us from Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation

WAVERIDER is an anti-radiation device that protects us from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. It includes a housing, a solenoid operably connected to a driver and a polymer.

The polymer is made of polymeric material of fractal matrix composed of nano-circles that includes a polar matrix, an oxidated hydrocarbon emulsifier, a galvanic salt, a dye or stain, and a polysaccharide. The solenoid generates incident radiation which excites the polymer.

The fractal matrix polymer of nano-circles begins emitting frequencies of the noise field range that counter adverse effects associated with a subject’s exposure to the electromagnetic radiation.

Waverider Life Span & coverage


WAVERIDER can be placed in any part of your home or office environment and it provides a sanctuary of protection from electromagnetic radiation within a distance of 9 metres. Providing a total of 18 metres and possibly more, of safe protection from long-term EMR exposure.

It has a life span of 17,520 hours. This means that if it is turned on for 10 hours a day, it will last more than four and a half years.
If it is turned on for 15 hours a day, it will last for slightly more than three years.

A red light will begin to blink when 200 hours is left of the WaveRider’s lifespan.


Net Weight 650g
Weight (with Packaging) 1000g
Packaging Dimensions  25.5cm  X 16.5cm X 13.5cm
Input Voltage 110 -240V, 50-60Hz
Output Voltage  12V DC, 350Ma
Warranty  1 year
Range of Coverage 9m Radius